Our history

Ply.gl’s Journey – From Humble Beginnings to a Leading Platform for Online Casino Reviews

Inception and Early Days

2022: Ply.gl is an idea that began from the simplest need to give open, honest and extensive reviews on online casinos. We started as a little group of casino fans and techies on a small blog where we used to share our thoughts as well as experiences in various online casino platforms.

Initial Challenges: Just like any new venture, we had our fair share of challenges. The internet casino industry was crowded and that’s why our main target was gaining trust from them. We dedicated ourselves in making sure that our content was informative, supportive and easy to understand.

Growth and Expansion

Building a Reputation: Gradually, through consistent and unbiased reviews, ply.gl began to build a reputation. We expanded the team with industry experts and professional reviewers who brought in more perspectives and expertise.

Enhancing Our Offerings: Rather than just reviewing casinos, we began giving wider content such as detailed analysis of gambling bonuses, guides of games, news on industry trends around the world and how one can practice responsible gambling.

Technological Advancements: By embracing technology we were able to make our website more intuitive and user-friendly so that it would provide a better user experience. This helped us attract more people hence consolidating our position in the online casino review domain

Milestones Achieved

Community Building: Using an interactive platform coupled with social media presence we developed an active followership. As such, our forums become venues where gamblers could meet for discussions.

Awards and Recognition: Ply.gl has been recognized through awards for its comprehensive reviews as well as promoting responsible gambling within the industry.

Global Reach: We then decided to go beyond national boundaries by covering international casinos which serve global citizens while providing insights into different gambling markets across the globe.


Present Status: Ply.gl now functions as an authority in the online casino reviews. Honesty, detailed analysis and user experience are at the core of our services.

Looking Ahead: We are always evolving, with an eye on developing more innovative features, increasing our team size and exploring new areas in the online casino industry. We aim to remain your most reliable source of information on online casinos.

Our Gratitude

Our success is owed to our committed team and mostly importantly you-our readers. You have been the driving force behind our journey through your trust and support. We look forward to continuing to serve you with the highest standards of integrity and quality.

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